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Re: [Maria-discuss] Did we drop source for IBMDB2I?


Hi, Colin!

On Jul 23, Colin Charles wrote:
> Hi!
> Reading: http://kb.askmonty.org/en/mariadb-versus-mysql-features/
> "IBMDB2I. Oracle removed this in MySQL 5.1.55 but we have kept the
> code in MariaDB until the version 5.5."
> I'm not so sure. I looked for this engine in a 5.5.25 tarball in
> storage/ and didn't see it. 
> It is in 5.3 tree trunk, but not 5.5
> Is this an oversight? Or have we decided to remove the engine? 

Removed, during the merge, I suppose.
It was a dead code. If we'll ever need to restore it, we can always copy
it from 5.3 again.

Besides, as far as I understand, "until the version 5.5" does not
neassarily mean "up to and including the version 5.5". Thus, we've kept
IBMDB2I "until the version 5.5", indeed.