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sql_quote_show and SHOW CREATE PROCEDURE etc


The SHOW CREATE PROCEDURE, SHOW CREATE FUNCTION and SHOW CREATE TRIGGER articles were documented with the change:

The output of these statements is not affected by the sql_quote_show_create server system variable. (see for example https://kb.askmonty.org/en/show-create-procedure/revision/18704/18357/)

I've reverted this, as this is not strictly-speaking true. The output is unreliably affected by the variable. In my testing, the output of ALL procedures was quoted when the MOST RECENT procedure was created with sql_quote_show=1, and the output of all was unquoted when the most recent procedure was created with sql_quote_show=0.

A related bug is:
but that bug report doesn't fully explain the (current) situation. The bug was also noted as "can't fix" in the comments.

I didn't want to document the above without further testing (will the quoted status of functions being created affect procedures? Triggers? Events?), so just reverted for now, but it's worth further investigating.


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