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Re: question, new pages


It seems that I don't have such permission for english language


Lun 26/8/13, Ian Gilfillan <launchpad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> ha scritto:

 Oggetto: Re: [Maria-docs] question, new pages
 A: maria-docs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Data: Lunedì 26 agosto 2013, 13:36
 Thanks, I've created the category. Do
 you have permission to assign pages to categories, or do you
 need me to do that as well for now?
 An SQLSTATE page would be good to have as well.
 On 26/08/2013 13:24, Federico Razzoli wrote:
 > Hi Ian
 > I created the pages and updated SIGNAL & RESIGNAL.
 My suggestion is that the following pages are good for the
 diagnostics area category (without leaving their current
 categories): signal, resignal, get diagnostics, show
 warnings, show errors, error codes (maybe DECLARE
 > Do you think that a SQLSTATE page is needed? The
 diagnostics area page is long, and some contents could be
 moved to SQLSTATE. There is a page about SQLSTATE, but it
 refers to the SQL99 standards, not Maria/My.
 > Federico
 > --------------------------------------------
 > Lun 26/8/13, Ian Gilfillan <launchpad@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
 ha scritto:
 >   Oggetto: Re: [Maria-docs] question,
 new pages
 >   A: maria-docs@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 >   Data: Lunedì 26 agosto 2013, 10:22
 >     Hi Federico
 >     That's great, we do need a GET
 DIAGNOSTICS article and a
 >   Diagnostics category, and I agree with
 your suggestions for
 >   the page. The best place to add the
 article for now is at https://kb.askmonty.org/en/programmatic-and-compound-statements/
 >     I can't grant permission to
 create categories, Daniel (who's
 >   on holiday) or Bryan normally do this,
 but I can create it
 >   for you in the meantime. For now, just
 add the article/s to
 >   the page above, and I'll create the
 category once there's at
 >   least one article to populate it.
 >     ian
 >       On 24/08/2013 20:50,
 Federico Razzoli wrote:
 >   > Hi all
 >   > I am writing (on my local
 machine) a draft for a new
 >   GET DIAGNOSTICS page, which is
 currently missing. However my
 >   idea is to create also a "Diagnostics
 area" page, and before
 >   doing it I'd like to ask if my idea is
 ok for you.
 >   > "Diagnostics area" would contain
 these info:
 >   > * Descriptions of the error
 properties (remove those
 >   descriptions from SIGNAL page, which
 will have a link to
 >   Diagnostics area)
 >   > * How the DA is populated and
 when it is cleared
 >   > * Links to SIGNAL, RESIGNAL, GET
 >   >
 >   > My opinion is that there should
 even be a "diagnostics
 >   area" category, however I don't think
 I have the rights to
 >   create it.
 >   >
 >   > bye
 >   > Federico Razzoli
 >   >
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