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suggestions on terminology



I think that we all agree that having a clear terminology is important, for example when explaining a problem or its possible solutions. However, there are at least 2 cases where I am not completely happy with the terminology used in MariaDB Docs. I will suggest some variations here - if a better solution is found, I will be happy to help editing the occurrences of those terms.

* Virtual Columns

The problem here is that VIRTUAL and PERSISTENT columns are both called virtual columns. Interestingly, one could say that virtual columns are a type of virtual columns :) Since VIRTUAL and PERSISTENT are keywords, the only solution is changing the general name. My suggestion is Calculated Columns (from SQL Server).

* Dynamic Columns

While this is a good term, there is not an "official" term to indicate the table column containing virtual columns. I suggest Dynamic Columns Set, or Container.

* Procedure

I never seen a "procedure" other than "procedure Analyze". But this feature exists, and its name is easely confused with Stored Procedures. I don't have a suggestion here (especially because PROCEDURE is a keyword).

I hope that these suggestions will be useful.


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