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[Question #76275]: "gui.audio_mixer_method:Software" tweak not solving MUTE issue


New question #76275 on Me TV:

I am having the "mute" issue (muting me-tv mutes the whole system). I tried solving this modifying a line in the xine.config file located in the .me-tv folder (at least in newer versions) like they describe in the 467 FAQ. This simple tweak seemed to work out for most people but i need further help as it didn't work out for me. I followed the instructions and me-tv still mutes the whole system. I am using me-tv 0.9.4, preferences as default with alsa as xine audio driver, engine xine, xv as xine video driver, etc...xine.config in the .me-tv folder was modified as described using gedit. I am using Linux Mint 7 Gloria x86 Edition. One weird thing is that after the xine.config mod i started me-tv again and the mute behaviour remained as before, restarted the computer and the system had no sound at all, started me-tv and noticed that mute would only mute me-tv and not the system volume (noticed by watching volume tray icon), i then restarted the pc again without touching anything and the system volume was back, though the mute behaviour in me-tv remained as always, muting the whole system. Preferences are set as mentioned before, correct way, and xine.config is remained modified as guide mentions. Let's see if we can find a solution to this.
Thanks in advanced.

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