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[Bug 398888] Re: [karmic] Please update me-tv to 1.0.0 version


Could you get the current karmic source package and make it so that the
diff to your new package is minimal?

It doesn't make much sense for us to have changelog entries of source
package that never made it into Ubuntu itself.

[karmic] Please update me-tv to 1.0.0 version
You received this bug notification because you are a member of Me TV
Development, which is subscribed to Me TV.

Status in Me TV, it's TV for me computer: Confirmed
Status in “me-tv” package in Ubuntu: Invalid
Status in “me-tv” package in Debian: Invalid

Bug description:
Binary package hint: me-tv

This release fixes some bugs that would create unnecessary bug reports once Karmic reaches a "STABLE RELEASE!"

2009-07-22  Michael Lamothe <michael.lamothe@xxxxxxxxx>

	* 0.10.0
	* Now using a custom xine player
	* Fixed mute on channel change issue
	* Fixed video size issues on startup
	* Added channel changing by key bindings

2009-07-07  Michael Lamothe <michael.lamothe@xxxxxxxxx>

	* 0.9.6
	* Scheduled recordings/EPG events are now deleted when the channel is deleted
	* An attempt to make the scan/import more friendly to duplicate channel names
	* Made EPG save more efficient
	* Fixed crash when adding a scheduled recording
2009-07-02  Michael Lamothe <michael.lamothe@xxxxxxxxx>

	* 0.9.5
	* Using xshm as default xine video driver
	* Added conditional compile for recent DVB parameters (not available in Debian stable)
	* Fix for "GtkSpinButton: setting an adjustment with non-zero page size is deprecated"
	* Removed g_error() calls from THREAD_CATCH which forced the application to abort
	* Made initial tuning file parser a little more robust
	* Added periodical prune() call for the EPG events held in memory