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Re: code grin design ...


If you're used to web applications it may look unusual but it's what you'd expect from a blockchain implementation. In alphabetical order:

- chain: the blockchain implementation itself, takes a block in (see pipe.rs) and decides as quickly as possible if it should get added to the chain or rejected.
- core: all core types, from a Hash to the Block, Input, Output types, how to serialize them, core mining algo, etc.
- doc: what it says, still a little bare for now.
- grin: stitches it all up together to form a high level module that can produce a simple binary later on.
- p2p: all peer to peer connection and protocol-related logic (handshake, block propagation, etc.).
- secp256k1: integration of the great libsecp256l1 crypto library with its rust binding.
- store: thin wrapper around the underlying db.
- util: few low-level rust utilities.

At least one more module should get added for the transaction pool and that should be most of what's needed.

- Igno

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Subject: code grin design ...
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i struggle to find Logic in the repository's. I like wright to left - logic continuing of a the application. Maybe it's me - noob on Github ?

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