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Re: Potentional method of hardforking MimbleWimble via freaky invalid to valid block transitions


> - We should generalize blocks to "frankenblocks" which are ranges of
> consecutive blocks where cutthrough inputs and outputs are pruned
> - We should have a better name for frankenblock :)

While supporting frankenblocks would be a nice optimization and very nice generalization of bootstrap, I wouldn't consider them until we actually understand how to support them safely and hopefully with a limited increase of complexity (and ideally, no increase at all). Then we can find a nicer name :)

In the meantime, sealed blocks which include a Merkle tree of transactions in the header, the UTXO set root, and with a static composition seem a lot more practical for an implementation. I love the frankenblocks idea (would be great in a paper title too), just saying we should let it mature before adopting them.

- Igno