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Introduction to MimbleWimble & Grin


Hi all,

I've just pushed a document trying to explain MimbleWimble and Grin. The target audience is someone technical, probably a developer who'd have a decent level of understanding of bitcoin and who'd want to learn more about what we do. The document aims to make MimbleWimble understandable over covering every little detail or gotcha.


I mean to keep this updated and hopefully polish it some more with common remarks and questions, so feel free to submit pull requests or provide feedback. This has taken me quite some time to write and has been fairly painful (writing prose isn't my forte), so I hope it helps some people out there!

In addition to this we'll likely need a less technical "why MimbleWimble rocks" document that explains to a more business-oriented person what are the advantages. I'm hoping someone who's a better writer will step up for that sometime.

- Igno