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Re: Question about ECC Point Addition


Good catch, this sentence could be better formulated, I'll clarify in the document.

We use libsecp256k1-zkp from Elements (actually a fork of it but we hope to get back to direct upstream at some point) so you can check the generator and validate it's "nothing up my sleeve":


- Igno

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Subject: Re: [Mimblewimble] Question about ECC Point Addition
Local Time: May 26, 2017 12:19 PM
UTC Time: May 26, 2017 7:19 PM
From: john.tromp@xxxxxxxxx
To: Jimmy Song <jaejoon@xxxxxxxxx>

> Under "Transacting with MimbleWimble" a new curve G is introduced:
>> For these reasons, we introduce a second ECC curve G and a
>> private key r used as a blinding factor.
> And this curve G is used for Point addition:
>> r*G + v*H
> Two questions, are G and H in the same group in secp256k1?

G and H are two curve points on the same curve,
where secp256k1 is the curve of choice.


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