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Re: Integrating ValueShuffle into the Mimblewimble protocol


> You found yourself a very nice name, congratulations and welcome.

Thanks. I am surprised it wasn't already taken by someone, heh.

> As Andrew predicted (he's starting to know me well), I'll first say there's
> still a lot we need to work on and figure out but if you're willing to work on
> ValueShuffle in Grin, I'd be very happy to help. The first thing to clear may
> be a good Schnorr signature implementation, which would be generally very
> beneficial (hint).

I would be happy to eventually get a start on ValueShuffle and all things
Schnorr. I have little experience with Rust, so I better start off with
becoming more familiar with the language first.

The holdup on Schnorr, as far as I am aware, is the 'cancellation' problem
mentioned in [1]. There is a paper supposedly being written to prove the
security of 'de-linearization' to address the problem. Maybe Andrew knows a bit
more about this? Anyways it is probably best to wait on a Schnorr implementation
in Grin until the fix is reviewed and merged upstream in libsecp256k1.

For the meantime I will scavenge the codebase for smaller things to do and
familiarize myself with Grin.

~Luna Lovegood

[1] https://bitcoincore.org/en/2017/03/23/schnorr-signature-aggregation/

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