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Re: On block rewards


On Sun, Oct 1, 2017 at 3:10 PM, Garrick Ollivander
<garrickollivander@xxxxxxx> wrote:

> Let's assume we want 0% dilution after grin reaches Visa like 2000 tx/s use
> use with a block time of 10 seconds,

That's completely unrealistic. Bandwidth wise, grin scales worse than bitcoin,
with transactions taking well over 2KB, mostly due to rangeproofs.
Your block full of 20K tx would take a monstrous 400MB, and a grin full node
would have need a bandwidth of over 3456 GB / day.
Even a minimal client keeping only the 32 byte transaction kernels
(which can't be pruned) would need storage space of 2TB per year.


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