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Scheduled hard forks


Hi all,

As we're preparing both a fully new blockchain format and implementation we, developers, are bound to make mistakes. Some of them will be trivial to correct, and some of them will not, requiring changes in consensus parameters. We will also want to "clean up" some technical debt that can accumulate in younger implementations. So I think it's fair to ask for some leeway to hard fork when required, at least at the beginning.

To make that process easier and more predictable, I would like to include scheduled hard forks with the following limitations:

- Only 2 scheduled hard forks per year.
- Only for the first 2 years.

The mechanism would be a mandated block version increase every 6 months, limited to 4 increases.


- Igno

P.S. Thanks to yeastplume for suggesting we establish a pre-defined schedule.

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