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Logo Contest


Hi all!

Derek and I are running a logo design contest on 99 designs for Grin.
The logo that wins the design contest isn't guaranteed to become
Grin's logo, but should produce one or more strong options.

There have been a total of 171 (!) submissions to the contest. I've
narrowed them down to 16, which seems like a manageable number to
choose from. You can see them all here:


You can see the ones that I've declined, click on the garbage can
icon. If you see something good in there that I declined, please feel
free to ping me with the #.

The next step in the process is to choose 6 finalists, whom we'll work
with to produce the final logo.

I've created two polls with 8 entries each. It would be super awesome
if you voted on your favorite logos and leave comments with what you


My personal favorites at the moment are:



The first is nice because the shape is so minimal. It could be used as
a currency mark on its own, similar to $ or ฿. The latter I like
because it's simple and strong.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!


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