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Second development funding campaign


Hi all,

Once again, we need your help. Grin is an open source project that's entirely donated to the community and public. If you're interested in it, or think it's important like we do, we need some minor contribution again to help us continue:


Yeastplume has been invaluable to this project. He's able to participate in all parts of the development, from a fancy text UI to bulletproofs. He's also been able to talk about the project in various podcasts, and we do need to educate about what we're developing. Finally, he's a great individual. Here is his funding campaign:


Once again, please relay this far and wide to every individual or company you know that is interested in grin and could help us, either directly donating or helping with the fundraising. This was very successful last time and we hope to continue asking for donations parsimoniously. Thanks everyone for your help and if you can afford it, patronage!

- Igno

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