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Grinmint Mining Pool announcement



I posted this announcement on the forum
regarding the release of our Grin mining pool: www.grinmint.com

I also wanted to confirm that there are multiple VCs / investors that have
been actively pursuing the funding of private ASICs for Grin, to the tune
of multiple millions of dollars.

Personally, I find that disgusting. Rather than funding the open-source
development work directly, they would rather pursue something that 1) would
destroy the ecosystem before it has a chance to develop and 2) is so
self-serving, while riding off the backs of people who have done all the

It is for this reason that we decided to allocate proceeds of our mining
pool to the Grin developer community and we will also continue to donate to

I challenge any investor on this mailing list to also put your money where
it benefits the community.


Catheryne Nicholson
CEO and Founder, BlockCypher <http://www.blockcypher.com>

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