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TMGOX.com Announcement


Announcing TMGOX.com,

aka Gringox,

aka The Magic Gathering Online Exchange.

In order to raise money for grin development when it is most critical (and well into the future) we are announcing *TMGOX* , an online marketplace for all things cypherpunk. We have red hats that say MAKE ALICE GRIN AGAIN on them, and an mix of shirts, sweaters, bumper stickers, even a wall-mounted clock that is meticulously designed to tick-tock exactly synced to the mining reward rate of grin. Please check it out and tell your frients.

**100% of profits go to the Grin Development Fund.**

For the first time you can contribute to grin, which relies solely on donations, and get cool merchandise in exchange. We are adding new gear constantly, for example circular grin-smiley stickers for your laptop/wherever, and more styles and variations of everything designed by the grin community. If you would like to contribute designs, feedback, or ideas, please check out the transparency tab on the site for a way to contact us.

You can also get updates on our twitter @TMGOX.

Looking forward to growing with the network,

Happy Equinox,
Your resident cryptomancers,

Tom & Gus

aka 0xb100d

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