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Re: "Pay-to-Address" / "Pay-to-Public-Key": Non-Interactive Transaction Solution for Mimblewimble


Dear John,

Thanks for your good question! Indeed, we need a way to get the PTX kernel
by the PTXO.

I would propose to duplicate a 33-bytes PTXO commit into the PTX kernel,
but that will make the PTX kernel much larger than ITX kernel, 188 bytes
compared to 114 bytes.

So my proposal is:
- Put 20 bytes Hash160(q*P) instead of the 33 bytes (q*P) into the PTX
kernel, to save some space. Similar to Bitcoin Pay-to-Public-Key-Hash.
- And put lower 8 bytes of the PTXO commit into the PTX kernel, to get a
way to map a PTXO to a PTX kernel. (and need some detail design to process
the collision issue).