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Matching Donations for Key Grin Infrastructure Projects by April 19


A couple of super important (imho) grin projects need your donations by April 19th to receive matching funds! This is an extremely effective way to contribute to the grin ecosystem for two projects that powerfully contribute to grin usefulness. Double your donations!

1. GrinSwap – https://gitcoin.co/grants/96/grinswap-cross-chain-atomic-swaps-with-grin

Grin atomic swap infrastructure. This is probably one of the most important things in the long term to make grin the best electronic cash in the world. Jasper already has built working PoC for both Grin<>Ether and Grin<>BTC atomic swaps.

## Why GrinSwap?

* You can buy/sell Grin without leaking personal info or much metadata.

* OTC deals become so much easier and do not require escrow.

* In fact, there’s no middle man or trusted third party at all.

* The coin you trade Grin with gets improved fungibility as it becomes more difficult for chain analysis tools to link one output with the other once Grin is in-between the hops.

More details and instructions in this post: https://www.grin-forum.org/t/grinswap-donate-by-this-friday-and-we-get-free-money-to-build-open-source-grin-atomic-swaps/4846?u=0xb100d

Direct donation page link: https://gitcoin.co/grants/96/grinswap-cross-chain-atomic-swaps-with-grin

2. Knockturn Allee – https://gitcoin.co/grants/97/knockturn-allee-grin-payment-processor

This is a plugin that allows merchants to accept grin payments easily and already has wordpress integration. TMGOX.com just implemented it (and became the first merchant to accept grin for physical goods). Knockturn makes buying and selling with grin very low friction. This is a crucial tool for grin adoption. More info: https://cycle42.com/knockturn

Direct link to donation page: https://gitcoin.co/grants/97/knockturn-allee-grin-payment-processor

## How to donate

### Gitcoin grants - matched up to $50k if donated by April 19

*It’s quite a lot of steps, and does involve some friction, but you’re doing it for a good cause, and it won’t have to take up more than 10-15 minutes of your time, promise!*

1. Sign up for a GitHub account if you don’t have one already.

2. Add the [metamask ](https://metamask.io) browser extension to your Chrome or Firefox desktop browser.

3. Create a metamask wallet, and fund it. You’ll need:

1. ~ 0.002 ETH ($0.32) to be able to make a grant contribution;

2. An amount you wish to donate in an ERC-20 currency.

* Anything from $1 worth to $10,000 worth will help, it’s more important for the grant matching that you make a donation rather than the specific amount you choose to give.

* If you don’t have ERC-20 tokens, just use something like BNB which is easy to get from Binance.

* You can buy DAI on Coinbase.

4. Visit [gitcoin.co ](http://gitcoin.co) and create an account by linking it to your Github account.

5. Visit either of the dedicated grant pages (listed above) and then make the contribution by linking your metamask wallet and signing for the transaction through it!

These donations go directly to core grin contributors and will go a long way to allow grin to fulfill its aim of native electronic cash. If you believe in the cause, there is hardly anything more cypherpunk you can do than contribute to these projects today.

This is not a transparency report update (our next one is going to be more in depth with a breakdown of who paid using what crypto, what countries were represented, and other fun data which we think is interesting), but there is one coming.

Please tweet, blog, and tell everyone you know who might be interested. Use your money to make better money for everybody.