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Re: CHI 2011 Registration


On 03/11/2011 04:37 PM, Mohamed Ikbel Boulabiar wrote:
> Hi !
> The registration deadlines for CHI2011 are approaching.
> Early rates end March 15th and for final registrations deadlines its April
> 5th.
> http://chi2011.org/attending/registration.html
> CHI is the biggest Human-Computer Interaction conference.
> ~2000 Attendees (accepted papers presented in the conf. are ~20% of the
> total submitted ones)
> (in http://www.chi2010.org/ their motto is "we are HCI")
> You can find the program here:
> http://chi2011.org/program/program.html
> The maximum presentation time / paper = 10mn, and there are many many
> sessions in the same time as you can see.
> Unfortunately, video recording of sessions is forbidden and I think there
> are some extra paid workshops and courses:
> http://chi2011.org/program/Course.html
> Some people from Canonical should be present to see what's happening there !
> i

This is a fantastic conference (so I've heard) and was very excited
about the possibility of going, and having my whole team attend as well.

Sadly, it conflicts with UDS and a design/ux sprint we're doing before
UDS :-(

Come May, however, I will be downloading the linked papers and
presentations. There are *very many* talks that I not only would have
enjoyed attending, but ones that would have sparked a lot of great
innovation in the team. I'm hoping we can extract as much as possible
from the conference materials provided to the non-attending public!

Thanks, Ikbel, for sharing this with folks :-)