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Re: Questions on MT meeting in Ubuntu app developer week.


> 5 Is Touchegg using ginn and is touchegg only working with those apps which
> doesn't support multitouch
> originally? Say, if I have a app which capture MT event using QT touch
> framework, then it would be possible
> to confuse if using touchegg which capture the same event on the app?

No, Touchégg not uses Ginn and not is a GUI for Ginn. Touchégg has two
parts, the daemon to get the gestures (touchegg) and the GUI to
configure it (touchegg-gui).

Touchégg targets the window manager and the applications, for example
you can configure Touchégg to use in Firefox a "three finger drag to
the left" to go backward and use the same gesture in other application
(or globally) to make another action like minimize a window. The
action asociated to the gesture will change depending the in what
window you make the gesture (ie window under the cursor ;))
A screenshot of the Natty version GUI for see the idea:

With applications that uses own gestures I have problems because
Touchégg intercede on it, I'll try to improve this bug.


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