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Touchégg and Ginn (merge, packaging...)


Hello everyone!

In first place,  Saleel Velankar (Islington) is the author of the
Touchégg-GUI icons, Harald Sitter is talking with me about packaging
Touchégg for Oneric, and I'm the Touchégg developer :P

I has been talking with the uTouch team about merging Ginn and
Touchégg in a same project to focus efforts, because the two projects
has the same goals, but we talk in the UDS about package Touchégg for
Oneric and integrate it into KDE, for this reason I think that could
be a good idea talk to clarify all.

I think that Ginn and Touchégg will be the same project for Oneric,
and I think that the resulting project will be called Ginn. For this
reason, Harald, I recomended you talk with the uTouch team about
packaging, and for the moment test with Ginn or Touchégg while the
projects don't merge.

About the GUI to configure Ginn/Touchégg. The GUI is a low priority
for the moment (is more important give funcionality to Ginn) but I
would like, if is possible, get it finished for Oneric.. and preserve
the "Touchégg" name for this project. The icons of the new GUI credits
are for Islington, I don't know if someone needs to talk with him
about copiright, etc

And this is all, please, send the next emails to