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utouch-geis, snapshots and daily builds


I just tweaked the utouch-geis project to support snapshot releases as
well as regular releases (a snapshot has the previously released version
with the current bzr revno appended, eg. 2.0.11+r143 and that version
gets propagated into the tarball name).

I also tweaked the Ubuntu packaging branch (lp:utouch-geis/ubuntu) so
that it will work for daily builds as well as regular Ubuntu packaging.
This is why the snapshot support in lp:utouch-gei was required, so I can
modify the packaging (in a single location) to match the upstream
changes without rolling a full release.  I can now roll a snapshot
release and merge-upstream it into the packaging branch, add packaging
changes, commit, and push and have the result appear in the daily PPA
automagically.  Time comes to push to Ubuntu, it's just a tag and a
regular release, merge-upstream with a dch/debcommit -r and voila, bob's
yer builder.

One limitation is that the version of bzr-build available in natty and
oneiric is at least a year behind what's used on Launchpad for the daily
builds and will fail with this recipe.  If you want to test the daily
build on your local machine, you'll have to pull from lp:bzr-build.
Instructions are on the bzr-build home page.

So, we no longer need a separate daily branch for utouch-geis, and the
Python bindings for utouch-geis are now available in the utouch-team
daily PPA.

Stephen M. Webb <stephen.webb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Canonical Ltd.

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