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Re: Concurrent Touch+Gesture interface


On 01/30/2012 04:18 PM, Mohamed Ikbel Boulabiar wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Ikbel!

> I have just found this use case when you need the touch/multitouch
> interface AND gesture interface on the same place.
> http://goo.gl/DDYcc
> An other use case is with drawing applications, you draw with fingers,
> but you want that some interfaces popup with 3-fingers-tap or with a
> 2-fingers-flick gesture...

Yes, we support both at the same time in the new utouch architecture
(which is almost landed in Ubuntu Precise). If we take the go keyboard
as an example, the application would subscribe to utouch-geis for a
one-touch drag. It would set the thresholds and timeouts appropriately.
Then it should listen for touch events from X by selecting for them, or
by listening through the toolkit layer (Qt, GTK+, etc).

If a gesture is recognized, the application gets a series of gesture
slices. The application can further decide if it wants to accept the
gesture or not. Within a gesture slice is the ability to retrieve the
location of each touch too, so you always have all the data available to

If the gesture is not recognized, the application will receive the touch
events from X or the toolkit.

I hope that helps!

-- Chase