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Re: How to enable two-touch gestures on trackpads in Precise


On 23/02/12 21:54, Chase Douglas wrote:
Hi all,

We've made big changes to how uTouch works in Ubuntu Precise. These have had an impact on what gestures can be recognized on touchpads. I wrote a wiki page about the changes here:


Note that not all ClickPad devices are recognized automatically. Most Synaptics brand ClickPads are recognized, as are Apple MacBook trackpads. However, Apple Magic Trackpads and some Synaptics brand ClickPads are not recognized out of the box yet. If you have one of these devices, you will want to enable "Synaptics ClickPad":

xinput set-prop <device id|device name> "Synaptics ClickPad" 1

This will ensure that click actions do not inhibit touch and gesture events. It will also make your device work better in other ways too :).

Hi Chase,

That solved the problem for me. Thanks!

One nuisance is that I have to set those commands every time I reboot. How can I make such changes permanent?
  $ synclient GrabEventDevice=0
  $ xinput set-prop ....

Would be good to have this info in that wiki page as well.

- Daniel

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