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Re: Policy on formatting fixes intermixed with code changes?


On 03/26/2012 02:09 PM, Chase Douglas wrote:
> Hi all,
> As the uTouch project is growing larger and larger, we are now starting
> to hit issues where code formatting may stray from the unity style
> guidelines. When we develop changes, we might see incorrect style in
> surrounding code. Should we have a policy that requires code format
> fixes to be contained within separate commits? This has come up as an
> issue in a recent merge proposal, and we haven't really discussed it
> previously.

The end result seems to be that 3/4 are ok with having commits that fix
style by themselves, 4/4 think it should be done in separate commits
unless it touches the same hunk of code. I was on the fence about this
because of the poor bzr support for editing previous commits. However,
I've gotten more comfortable about using bzr-pipeline and bzr-rewrite.
With care, these can be used to split commits, though it's still a far
cry from git rebase -i and git add -p.

So, I decree the policy to be:

* Style changes in the same hunk as a code change are permitted.

* Other style changes must be committed independently. These may be
merged at any reasonable time.


-- Chase