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Cleaning up hardware support requests


Hi all,

I want to clean up some of our bug reports. We currently have many bugs
filed as requests to support specific multitouch hardware. These are all
tasked to the "utouch" meta-project on launchpad. However, the real
issue is missing support in the Linux kernel.

Further, I think the uTouch project has moved on from hardware
enablement work. We had to do it in the beginning because there really
weren't many devices supported. At this point most hardware is
supported, and many vendors themselves have started providing drivers

I propose that we transition all the hardware support bugs from the
uTouch project to the "linux (Ubuntu)" package. A boilerplate comment
like the following would be used:

This bug is for hardware enablement. The missing software is a driver
for the Linux kernel. I have retargeted this bug to the Linux package
for Ubuntu.

Please also retest with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS. There have been many device
drivers added. Your device may work out of the box in the latest version
of Ubuntu.


If there are no issues, I plan to effect this change next week, probably
around Wednesday, April 25th.

-- Chase