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mylvmbackup-0.11 has been released


Hi there,

Some days ago, I released version 0.11 of mylvmbackup. The source archive as
well as a generic RPM can be found on the project home page
(http://www.lenzg.org/mylvmbackup), packages for many Linux distributions are
available on the openSUSE Build service (http://software.opensuse.org/).

This release includes some new functionality as well as numerous bug fixes and
improvements, most notably:

 * Added support for using rsnap as a backup backend (Matt Lohier)
 * The documentation is now maintained in POD style instead of asciidoc
   (Matthew Boehm)
 * Support using non-GNU tar and additional compression methods (e.g. bzip2,
   lzma) (Alexander Skwar)
 * Code cleanups, improved error handling and logging

I would like to thank all the contributors for their support! More details
about the changes in this release, directly from the ChangeLog:

 * Added new option "--quiet" that suppresses informal logging output
   (warnings and errors will still be printed/logged)
 * Applied patch from "kjetilho" that makes mylvmbackup more robust and
   paranoid when it comes to handling errors/failures (Bug #298175) Now the
   script aborts cleanly in case of any error.
 * Fixed error handling in case of a failed DB connection (patch submitted by
   Matthew Boehm, Bug #280989)
 * Merged changes from Alexander Skwar: Fix for Bug #278478 and implemented
   Blueprint "Improve the tar backup backend of mylvmbackup"
 * Fixed Bug #271671: "overloading parameters does not work" by removing the
   default values for host and port from the configuration file and removing
   the unnecessary check for passing both host and socket at the same time.
   Updated documentation and configuration file comments accordingly.
 * Applied patch suggested by "Jonas" to fix Bug #267944: "backup returns
   successfully when snapshot creation fails"
 * Code cleanup: moved flushing of tables in a separate subroutine
 * Code cleanup: moved log messages into the respective subroutines
 * Code cleanup: use return values of subroutines instead of updating global
 * Improved some log messages to explain what was DONE or FAILED
 * Code cleanup: build up long command strings in a $command variable before
   passing it to system()
 * Renamed subroutine create_snapshot() to create_lvm_snapshot()
 * Merged patch from Matthew Boehm: Removed old asciidoc documentation in
   favor of POD style. This removes the dependency on the external program a2x
   for creating documentation and uses the 'built-in' pod2html and pod2man
   instead. Updated the Makefile to accommodate the change.
 * Applied patch from Matthew Boehm to make the backup file name suffix
   configurable via a "--suffix" option. Updated the man page accordingly.
 * Applied patch from Matt Lohier to support rsnap as a backup backend
 * Moved the list of contributors from the man page into a separate CREDITS
   file, added missing names


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