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Error mounting snapshot partition


Hi All,

When running mylvmbackup I got the following error:

20081215 16:05:29 Info: Running: /bin/mount -o ro
/dev/slash/produce_snapshot /var/tmp/mylvmbackup/mnt/backup
mount: you must specify the filesystem type
20081215 16:05:29 Error: FAILED: mount snapshot (exit status 32)

It was necessary for me to edit mylvmbackup as I didn't seem to see any
option to specify via command line any option to solve it.

--- mylvmbackup    2008-12-15 16:09:29.000000000 -0500
+++ mylvmbackup.bak    2008-12-15 16:09:12.000000000 -0500
@@ -588,11 +588,11 @@
   log_msg ("Mounting snapshot...", LOG_INFO);
   my $params= 'ro';
   $params= 'rw' if $innodb_recover;

   $params.= ',nouuid' if $need_xfsworkaround;
-  my $command= "$mount -o $params -t ext3 /dev/$vgname/$backuplv
+  my $command= "$mount -o $params /dev/$vgname/$backuplv $mountdir";
   return run_command("mount snapshot", $command);

This produced an intended result, but I 'm surprised this hasn't been picked
up before.  Is there an alternative way (I'm assuming I could add to fstab
with nomount on load, but have yet to test that).

20081215 16:09:31 Info: Running: /bin/mount -o ro -t ext3
/dev/slash/produce_snapshot /var/tmp/mylvmbackup/mnt/backup
20081215 16:09:31 Info: DONE: mount snapshot
20081215 16:09:31 Info: Running: /bin/mount -o bind,ro
20081215 16:09:31 Info: DONE: bind-mount position directory
20081215 16:09:31 Info: Taking actual backup...
20081215 16:09:31 Info: Creating tar archive
20081215 16:09:31 Info: Running: cd '/var/tmp/mylvmbackup/mnt' ;'/bin/tar'
cvf - backup/  backup-pos/backup-20081215_160931_mysql.pos| /bin/gzip
--stdout --verbose --best ->