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Re: Adding --innodb-file-per-table


Adding that variable will only affect tables that are created/altered after
it's added or taken away.

I could be reading the below wrong, but, if what you're asking is, what will
happen to backups/logs, basically the answer is nothing.

The innodb log files are for all innodb tables (whether that
innodb-file-per-table variable is added or not), as are the binlogs. As for
the tables, they'll be backed up as normal, whether in a separate file, or
in the combined tablespace.

But, I could be completely misunderstand the question.


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Oh I see what you are saying now. Sorry, no coffee yet. I have no idea
what InnoDb will do when doing recovery on a system that had
file-per-table flag but doesn't have it now. Experimentation/proof is
needed that it won't affect those of us that are not using