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Re: Using debian.cnf instead of credentials in /etc/mylvmbackup.conf


Hi Tim,

On 02/24/2009 02:58 PM, Tim Stoop wrote:

> I've made a little patch that instead of using credentials in
> /etc/mylvmbackup.conf, uses the credentials as mentioned in
> /etc/mysql/debian.cnf. It's probably a very specific Debian patch, but
> I thought I'd share it with you. You can download the dpatch here:
> http://tim.hokkertjes.nl/mylvmbackup-patches/04_use_defaults-file_by_default.dpatch

Thanks for the patch, I'll take a look! I was actually wondering if we
shouldn't switch to parsing /etc/my.cnf or ~/.my.cnf for a [client] section
that contains the required credendials instead of adding them to
/etc/mylvmbackup.conf again.

> This is my first ever venture into Perl, so if you want to use it,
> please check if it does what you want.

Will do, cheers!

> <shameless plug>I've written about it on my blog:
> http://blog.hokkertjes.nl/2009/02/24/mylvmbackup-making-it-cooperate-with-debian/</shameless
> plug>

Nice posting, thanks for spreading the word about mylvmbackup!

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