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Re: patch


Hi Christopher,

On 12/07/2009 04:45 PM, Christopher Hawkins wrote:

> I added a few lines to mylvmbackup so it could support the rdiff-backup
> tool. This was very useful for me because rdiff-backup is really good at
> diffing large binary files, unlike rsync / rsnap. So I am able to get very
> efficient backups this way.
> The patch follows, comments welcome. I am not a perl developer and I
> basically just copied off the code for the other backup types, so probably
> there are improvements that could be made for option handling, etc. It's
> very small and only requires that rdiff-backup is installed. Hopefully this
> will be useful to others?

Very cool, thank you! I've applied your patch to a separate branch for now:


I'll take a look at it and will merge it into the trunk (hopefully soon). This
new feature needs some documentation...

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