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mylvmbackup and InnoDB structured tables


I have a question concerning the way to do a recovery from a backup made from mylvmbackup using the innodb_recover.  First, a little information of the what we are trying to do.

We currently have a 5.0.41 MySQL instance that has several databases for several applications.  Each application has a group of five databases.  All of these databases except for one contain MyISAM structured tables.  One of the databases, however, has a mixture of MyISAM and INNODB structured tables.  We got a copy of the mylvmbackup .11 version back in December of last year.  We got it working creating a large tarball as the backup file.  However, we did not test the InnoDB part.  Then we decided we wanted a tarball for each database since we wanted to be able to recover just the databases for a particular application to test environments.  So I modified the mylvmbackup to step through a text file that listed the databases and created a tar file for each.  We were able to successfully to recover the databases.  However, we just discovered that we had the one database that has the mixture of table structures.  We also found out that database is only recovering the MyISAM tables and not the InnoDB tables.  I went and edited the script to include the changes from the .13 version.  The script runs correctly and looks like it runs the innodb_recover part of the script.  However, when I restore the database to a test environment only the tables that are MyISAM format are recovered.  The InnoDB tables are showing that doesn't exist when you show table status.  When you look at the directory for the database the files are there for those tables, however.

My Question:  Are there files that I am not picking up when I tar the databases that have what is necessary to do a recovery for InnoDB structured tables?

Also, our operating system is RedHat Linux.


Sandra Arnold
Senior DBA
Oak Ridge, TN