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Re: Password from environment patch



(a quick followup on this...)

On 09/08/10 10:38, Lenz Grimmer wrote:

> Hmm, so you did not want to put the password in the command line, but you're
> willing to make it visible in the process environment?
> By the way, the MySQL Client library (and consequently Perl/DBI) already
> supports this functionality. The environment variable is called "MYSQL_PWD" -
> have you tried it?

I just tested this, Perl DBI supports using MYSQL_PWD as well. So this would
be an option. I've added a note about this to the manual page.

> On Linux, you can just look at /proc/<id>/environ to find the password...

Or just "ps -auxe" - the "-e" Option makes it print the environment of the

> So it's not really any more secure than passing the password on the command line.

Well, maybe a little bit - as only root or the owner of a process can see the

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