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Re: Incremental backups with mylvmbackup


Hi Brian,

On 16.12.2014 16:56, Brian Beaver wrote:

> Is it possible to generate incremental backups using the mylvmbackup utility? 
> Perhaps making use of the "tar --newer" option? 

As far as I understand the GNU tar documentation, the "--newer" option expects
a time stamp or file name to determine which files are "newer" and should thus
be backed up. This might work, but I don't think anyone has tested this before.

It might be tricky to inject the file name or time stamp into the tar argument
string, but maybe some kind of hook could be used for that.

As an alternative, consider using one of the other available backends, e.g.
rsync, rsnap or zbackup - they all support incremental/differential backups.


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