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Proxy hackathon: Hamburg, Germany


Hi folks!

At the Proxy BoF during this year's Users Conference, we floated the idea of having a hackathon around Proxy and it seemed well-received. After returning home and some internal discussions, we've decided that yes, we really want to get together and hack and that's were you come in: We need you to come, too :)

Given that most of the proxy team is in Europe, there's a Sun office here in Hamburg we can use, and Jan lives close to Hamburg, we decided it would be best to have it here. There are plenty of hotels within 15 minutes by subway or even within walking distance to the Sun office (you won't necessarily need a car during your stay - nor would you want to find parking anyway...).

So, our initial plan looks as follows:
 - meet for 2 days
 - hack on the code (fix bugs, implement features)
 - give code/architecture walkthroughs for those interested
- explore new projects using proxy (do some prototyping, proof-of- concept)
 - hang out and get to know each other
 - share experiences, use-cases and pain points
- make this unconference-style: apart from the walkthroughs we don't have a fixed agenda nor tracks

Jan made a very good point about the timing: "Officially" we would pick Thursday/Friday, because a) it enables people from farther away to stay over the weekend (meaning more time available and cheaper flights) b) we can easily extend the meeting if necessary since no one needs to rush home

As to the actual date, we obviously have some preferences (everyone does :)), but we haven't reached a conclusion yet. Personally I would like to see something like early August, but that might collide with some people's schedules. Naturally we want as many people attending as possible, but we realize that these things need planning from everyone involved, so you can book travel early to get good rates, get permission, schedule other appointments etc.

What do you say? Who's interested, what date would suit you best and how many people would you want to bring?


P.S.: We will be there with 3-5 people depending on availability and such. Confirmed are Jan, Heidi and myself. P.P.S.: Who's Heidi? She is our friendly shepherd who makes sure we actually release things :)
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