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Hey, guys.

We need to get our versioning sorted out. When I uploaded the first
packages to my PPA, it was based on the packaging in the original git
repo which read 0.3.0. Later on, after much merging around, it was
bumped back to 0.2.2.  Because of this the version of the packages in
the PPA is currently 0.3.0+really0.2.2-something (because versions must
be strictly monotonically increasing).  I'd like to restore some sanity
to this :)

So, we need to decide on the versioning scheme. I would have liked it if
Swift and Nova would have the same version numbers. I would also have
liked it if 1.0.0 was the version that were to come out in three months
time with the first official release. However, seeing as Swift already
has a 1.0.0 (and 1.0.1, I think) out, that's not going to work (since
they'd have go back to 1.0.0 which makes everyone unhappy, or we'd all
have to jump to 2.0.0 which seems odd). Also, more projects may join
OpenStack later on with pre-existing versioning history, so I think it
makes sense just to focus on Nova's versioning.

As such, I'd like to propose that our first release, scheduled to come
out in about three months, will be version 1.0.0. I'd also like to
immediately bump the current version to 0.9.0, and have the packages in
the PPA be versioned something like 0.9.0+bzrXXX-0ubuntu0ppa1 where XXX
is the bzr revno of lp:nova.

Discuss :)

Soren Hansen
Systems Architect
The Rackspace Cloud

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