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Launchpad and reuse of feature branches


As a matter of policy, once a branch has been merged into trunk, is it
acceptable to continue to submit code into that branch, with the intention
to perform a second review+merge later?

For example, I have a branch called nova/xenapi, adding Xen support to Nova.
Some major refactoring has now been merged, but the feature will need further
work before it's done.  Should I push that work to nova/xenapi (in which case,
what happens with the workflow on Launchpad?) or should I create a new
branch called nova/xenapi-a-bit-more?

My instinct is to keep using the nova/xenapi branch (i.e. treat them like
we treat patch queues elsewhere) but I can imagine places where that would
look odd on Launchpad.

I have no preference -- I'm just looking for a policy decision from you guys.



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