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Help us clean!


Are you looking for some easy tasks to do so you can get involved
with Nova? We've created some low hanging fruit blueprints to get
started with:


One of these tasks is cleaning up the pylint and pep8 violations. You
can find our current stats at:


Cleaning up these violations will help normalize the code and increase
readability. Some of you may have noticed a branch went in starting
this, and I'm going to continue cleaning files as I have time. If you
want to help, pick a file and clean! I setup an etherpad so we can
claim files to prevent duplicating work. I also listed the commands
you can use to check the files manually as you work on them.


On a related note, I'd like to propose we not merge any new branches
if it increases the pylint/pep8 violation count. This allows for
branches fixing old code to not require conversion yet, but any new,
original code should conform. Monty is working on the merge system
to make this rule automated. What do folks think?

If we all grab a few files we can get down to zero violations in no
time. :)


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