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Bugs, blueprints, and style, oh my!


Hi everyone,

As you probably noticed from all the bug and blueprint emails
yesterday, I went through and cleaned out the items that were either
complete or invalid. I also moved a few bugs to blueprints, since
they were really todo items and not bugs. If everyone could take a
few minutes to look through what is remaining and for:

Blueprints: Verify the work still needs to be done, and that the spec
is accurate and descriptive enough. We'll be reviewing blueprints
soon for inclusion in the developer summit schedule.

Bugs: Verify the bug still exists if it is open and update the status

Also, last week we got our PEP8 warnings down to 0. There is an older
version of the PEP8 verification tool on the hudson machine (which
is in the process of being updated), but once ready we'll be adding
a merge requirement that pep8 returns 0 violations for the branch to
land. So, before committing code, we should all get into the habit
of running:

pep8 bin/* nova

and fixing any issues it reports. make sure you have pep8 0.5.0 or
later installed, preferbly 0.6.1 from pypi. I think Monty Taylor will
be making a package available for 0.6.1 in the Nova PPA.