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nUbuntu Open Meeting in 23rd November 2008 @ 21.00 (9PM) EST


Hello again security enthusiasts,

This Sunday Night, 23rd November 2008 @ 21.00 (9PM) EST (24th November
2008 @ 2.00 UTC) there will be an open meeting in which anyone
interested in nUbuntu can attend.


    * Repository
    * Additional applications
    * Bugs
    * Fluxbox theme
    * Fluxbox menu

Remember anyone is invited. This meeting will take place on
irc.FreeNode.net in #nubuntu. Please arrive a few minutes early if possible.

Emanuele Gentili                      | http://launchpad.net/~emgent
emgent@xxxxxxxxxx                     | Ubuntu Security Developer
emgent@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx               | Window Maker Developer
emgent@xxxxxxxxxxx                    | Rapache Developer
emanuele.gentili@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | Joomla! Security Developer

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