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Communication to the outside world


Hello everyone,

I have noticed lately that many people reviewing/judging ooc are very poorly
informed <http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1453123> about its
features and/or its previous existence.

I'm thinking that more communication from our side would help (obviously).

Personally I've been quite busy working on rock for the past few months, and
I have postponed communication and website maintenance to have more time to
develop the tech we know and love (such as: closures with showstopper, enums
with joshthecoder, properties with fredreichbier, but also cover-addons,
interfaces, better error reporting, stricter type checking, bugfixes,
working on making rock compile itself, etc.)

Even in the community (ie. the IRC channel), I have a feeling many features
go unused because they are under-documented and, as a result, poorly

But maybe it's about time to reorganize the website a little bit? Make it
easier to grasp ooc features, something like a 'try ooc' looked good
(joshthecoder, any news on that front?), or simply
a 'slideshow' of commented code snippets.

I'd also love to make pairs with motivated ooc-ers to answer to all their
questions about a feature while they write some kind of doc on it - it's
more motivating than writing docs alone on either side. Those of you that
don't have access to the http://github.com/nddrylliog/ooc-docs repository
just have to ask =)

Also, shedding light on all the interesting ooc projects out there would be
great. Maybe danopia can help with FBI integration on the main ooc-lang.org,
maybe we can have a "Noteworthy project of the month/week" ?

I'm looking for a solution that doesn't involve too much maintenance work
once the initial effort is done.

In other news, it might be time to contact linux distribution packagers to
see about getting rock in their main repositories - as soon as we (ie.
someone) has fixed j/ooc's make backend and/or implemented a make backend in
rock (it's pretty trivial).

Let me know your thoughts and if you'd like to get involved - it's no fun to
do it all by myself.

Amos Wenger (nddrylliog)