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Ooc Revision Consideration - Arrays. Coming with a working implementation.


Hi everyone,

I've been working on pure ooc arrays, and 1) rock-ooc-arrays is self-hosting
again now, 2) here's the ORC for it:

Now waiting for your comments / proposals / questions / trolls / general
input before merging into master.

A note for those wanting to try the ooc-arrays branch: older versions of
rock will choke on that line in structs/ArrayList:

operator as <T> (array: T[]) -> ArrayList<T> { ArrayList<T> new(array data,
array length) }

Because 'T[]' used to be interpreted as 'ArrayList<T>'
You should just comment it when compiling rock-ooc-arrays with an older
rock, and not forget to uncomment it afterwards.

Also, considering these are pretty big changes (adding up with properties,
?!, and ACS), what about a rock 0.9.1 soon?

Amos Wenger (nddrylliog)

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