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About garbage collection


this is not really a question about ooc, but I'm looking for some help,
maybe someone can point me out something.
I'm developing an iphone game in ooc, I'm really happy with what I have now,
but I'm having a problem with garbage collection.
I managed to configure and build Boehm GC for the iphone, and it works well
but the collection cycle produces a freeze of about 120 miliseconds, and
it's relly notorious and awful.
I tried to configure it, but all I could achieve is having a collection
cycle about every 10 seconds (instead of the 2 or 3 seconds I was having).
I've read in ooc documentation about writing a custom sdk and do memory
management, but I don't want to let to the garbage collection.
Has anyone an idea of what can I do? Is there another way of garbage
collection suitable for a game?
I don't know if there is a garbage collection that does the collection in a
background thread, I think boehm gc does not.

Well. Any help will be greatly appreciated.