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summary IRC meeting 12 Feb 2010



Here is the a summary of our Community IRC Meeting of 12 Feb 2010.

The agenda was

And here is the full chat log http://www.openobject.com/irc/%
23openobject.2010-02-12.log.html#t2010-02-12T13:59:34 .

First, some meta comments.  The session was too long (4 hours), maybe
there were too many stakeholders too keep the meeting structured and too
much on the agenda.
I think that we spent too much time on an important but rather
"emotional" topic (testing) that would actually have deserved its own
session.  Nevertheless, it was all very interesting and we covered
nearly all the agenda.  We'll keep things tighter for the next meeting.

* Communication channels.
We mostly talked about blueprints as it is the less obvious
communication channel, yet very useful.
We decided to keep the blueprints in Launchpad as an "entry point" to a
draft/specification.  The mailing lists (experts or not) are used for
brainstorming and the wiki is used for drafting the specification.
Launchpad allows to subscribe teams to the blueprint (useful for the
mailing lists) and provides a specification URL field (to point to the

* Release process.
Minor releases are shipping at beginning of month. Next (5.0.7) is for
1st March.  Security or other emergency fixes will be released as soon
as they are ready.
Major releases will be shipping on a 6 or 12 months basis (still
undecided).  Everyone seems to prefer the 6 months solution with some
LTS (a la Ubuntu).

* Documentation + website.
Not discussed.  The new layout has not been published anyway.

* Testing.
We need more tests and an easier method to write them to complement the
current XML format.  We need something simple and ready to be used soon.
Camp2Camp made an interesting tool to write scenarios in a DSL
(OERPScenario https://launchpad.net/oerpscenario ).  OERPScenario is in
beta but already used by several people.
Tiny proposed to add YAML support to the current XML process (so writing
YAML instead of XML).
Both solutions have their pros and cons and still need to be balanced.

* Last i18n process.
Not discussed. Olivier Dony explained everything in this following post
http://odony.wordpress.com/2010/02/03/openerp-translation-process/ .

* Reports.
RML still our default format, report_designer could be integrated on
time for the next major release (not 100% sure though).
Lots of people are praising relatorio (report_openoffice) and wish it to
be also supported (no decision about this, but contributions are

* Small basic features.
    * Client issues.
    "Sort all rows" bug is fixed in trunk.
    "Duplicate in o2m": nice too have, we need a formal spec from the

    * GTK - export: open in OO (like in Koo)
    Not discussed. Nice to have.

    * forms: show context
    Useful for debugging: blueprint, spec needed.

    * xml: domain should accept other then db-fields
    Not discussed. Blueprint + spec ?

    * ordering:
        - xml specific order: to be discussed in ML.
        - py: ordering of non database fields: to be discussed in ML.

Thanks to all for you participation.
And please let's continue here what was not clear or what is still

Julien Thewys