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Community projects: announces and consulting


Dear community,

I'm glad to see the new projects take shape and start moving. I'd like to make 2 more suggestions:

First, I'd love the projects to make their announcements through Launchpad (https://launchpad.net/<your project>/+announce). That integrates into the news feed of "OpenERP Project Group" which is very convenient. The "Framework Experts" list has been abused enough I suppose, so let's quit that habit please.

Second, I would love an *easy* way to find out who can provide consulting services about the modules in each project. As a user myself (not a service provider), it's profitable to have someone introduce me to the community achievements. Depending on the case I may be able to repay the community by contributing back, but otherwise it's OK for me to pay for a good advice.
I suppose it's a sensitive issue so I'll let you discuss it.

Lionel Sausin & Numérigraphe.