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Re: OpenERP Marketing


Hello, great initiative.

Generally I think all is good, I just want to remark points where you
mention you have doubt, or I have doubts.

Describe OpenERP in one sentence: (just ideas, not convinced yet by one of


Adding to your options, I Should say:

"Automate all your process with 1 platform".

About the "Pull" strategy.


   - Strategy:

   - PULL:

   - Create Users Need --> Generate Partners Revenue --> Revenue For
   OpenERP SA


I think we should be consistent, some other statements are not totally

It means:

The pull strategy is ensure that your actual and new sponsors follow the
roadmap that the market encourage to follow, then, use sentences or even
mind structures where:

"Opensource is not a customer Value" >> WRONG, it is our MAIN customer
value (even if the people don't understand yet these value) we need to be
clear what is that value.

Henry Ford said "If i asked to people what it wants, they should ask me
More Horses capacity per carriage"....

Today, the value of Dropbox can not be measured, I can not imagine my live
without these simple mind change.

Do you imagine the live without your Ipod, Laptop, E-Mail-.-.......

Well Imagine a future "Without" a GREAT OPENSOURCE ERP AS OPENERP?, I think
enforce the fact of the modularity is a good approach, but never ever say
that the fact of the Open Source of openerp "it is not a customer" value it
is THE customer value.

- Fast problem solving,
- Freedom.
- Not lock in...
and 100 more.....

But simple tray to follow the actual rules of market and not try to disrupt
them is wrong, every single people around the world need to understand the
value and over all the "cost " of the opensource.... this sentence IMHO is

I just give an example, My 3 biggest customers ARE in OpenERP because in
the "best" "Opensource" option, we need to create this kind of customers
(following the pull strategy).

About the statement:

   - FYI:

   - Magento, Wordpress, SugarCRM: don't even put "open source" in their
   homepage (not sure it's a good idea)

I am not sure either, this is the reason i don't use any of them.

The top 3 values, move ourself from service market to product market is
only possible if you sell closed licences, or extraordinary good and
focused SERVICES (that looks like products) then think about that, I know
about other ways, but not sure if this is the moment to move on this change.

I like the communication style you propose... very good, just a comment.

   - Explain new features/apps when they are released, not before

IMHO the enterprise value is on avoid this. You should talk more and better
about the future points, this is an extraordinary argument to sell
enterprise, if it is managed correctly, I recommend "theleanstartup.com"
which support my point, not always you need something "ready" to talk about
it. You need is find the way to use it efficiently in your sale Process I
using it and it is going very very well.

Communication Style:

   - position OpenERP as the challenger, not the leader:

1000% agreed with it, Important is manage the SAME argument for every
single part, even in the business model, we can not challenge the market
with the rule designed by actual economical and commercial leaders (I am
talking about not Mention the OpenSource part for example).

It is important understand that several countries are even managing BY LAW
the use of Open Source technologies, Mix "Same technical as Privative AND
OpenSOurce is a good argument in some markets too!".

   - OpenERP is not an ERP, but a suite of Business Apps:

   - should we change the OpenERP name?

IMHO, You can manage both.

OpenERP is all apps "Integrated" and necessary and useful for a kind of
OpenWhatever is the framework to manage apps (maybe come back to
OpenObject?), community and so on.
.WhateverSoTool N......

Every app need a different approach (alá SAP or Sugar),


The main issue is that It cost a lot, we should focus one by one with
specific cover needs.

About the community:


   - We should not anymore compare OpenERP to SAP:

Agreed but be carefull, Challenge the SME market is dangerous in terms of
branding investment, because all loosers are there too not only early
adopters and good guys.

There is a big market of dangerous people that will try to destroy your
investment only because they think they can get easy money.


In my experience the flow of marketing for enterprise apps is:

1.- Who has the need read the marketing material.... >> 2.- ask the
"expert" to validate
 >>  both of them are the ones who influence the decision maker.

Then to go directly to decision maker to invest, we need to plant the seed
in the first two protagonist.

A.- Working with quality material.
B.- Working with a lot of video material.

This part is important because the technical guys generally are the ones
who test and validate all the technical and communitary stuff they must be
include in the "Marketing target" even if they are not who pays.

A good advice for the technicians sometimes have more value than 10 from
buyers guys.

   - launchpad mailing list is complex and ugly

Agreed.... be careful maybe open a new one in a new tool is dangerous too!,
what about build in OpenERP a frontend for it?

I really hope my points help you....

KUDOS for the initiative of open this discusion dude.

014-02-15 7:03 GMT-06:00 Fabien Pinckaers <fp@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> Dear community,
> Over the past years, we did not invest a lot in marketing. We put most
> our efforts in R&D and Sales departements (starting from 2010) and
> services (started in 2012).
> Things are changing and we are now ready to invest a lot in marketing
> activities. I just wrote a "very draft" internal document to discuss the
> brand positioning of OpenERP:
>   http://pad.openerp.com/p/r.Zzg7LhlqI7elyigb
> I would like to have your point of view on these marketing thoughts for
> OpenERP.
> Thanks,

Saludos Cordiales

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