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Re: About description and manual files for OCA modules


On 02/28/2014 12:24 AM, Eric Caudal wrote:
There is a policy to cleanse description files for modules that are hosted in the community association (take out advertisement or external links).

What about we create a common and standardized description file for the hosted modules reminding:
- "This is a module from the OCA..."
- OCA webpage
- How to post a bug or enhancement request
- Any other useful information (dependency and contributor's list should be already somewhere else though)
- any link to available resource (video, blog, docs...)
- Of course the description of the modules.


I think a big issue now is to distinguish OCA modules from the others on apps.openerp.com We could add the 'OCA module' (or just OCA) string to the summary field, so it will appear in the main list too.

This would not be needed if OpenERP SA tagged (based on the list of community branches) the OCA modules with 'OCA' along with 'community', 'online'...