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Re: How will price per user really work?


  Exact same thing here for Enapps except the language bit.
Its impossible to use the out the box for our customers without heavy
customisation and there is no chance S.A could support/maintain our
implementations without the extensive knowledge of local
requirement/lingua/fiscal and business specifics.
Good luck to those partners that see this as a workable solution.

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About the 2 year limit and the direct billing, the problem is that we do
not sell Enterprise contracts as a reseller. We use Enterprise contracts as
the base to a more complete support contract. This is due to the following
reasons at least:

1. Almost none of our projects has only official code running, we have to
offer support and update services for the custom functionalities developed
for the customer.
2. There is also the localization, that we have to include in our support
and update services.
3. To fund R&D, support and update services for the localization several
partners use the margin on support contracts. This doesn't stop after 2
years, we have to keep everything up-to-date with odoo and with legal
4. Most of our customers (maybe all of them) are not ready to use your
services directly. They do not speak English very well, or at all, and you
support guys are not that good either. There is also the problem with time
zones. And they do not know how to apply a patch or deploy a solution on
the server. That's why they pay us for.
5. There is always the problem with legal invoicing with fiscal number.
They will not accept an invoice from you. They need an invoice from a
registered entity here, otherwise they will be loosing a lot in taxes.

We are working now to follow other partner steps in achieving to sell this
"custom" Enterprise contract. We haven't been successful at selling this
until now, but things are moving in the right way. Now we have to adapt
everything to the new pricing, but honestly, apart from the new pricing and
all the different opinions we may have on this, I cannot see a working
scenario where you bill directly our customer nor the 2 year commission
limit applied successfully. Thursday we understood that the direct billing
and the 2 year limit were not for the Enterprise contracts, but for the
online service.

As always, we are 100% open to discussion.

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