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Re: Could oca adopt report_webkit before v8


Ok, Now talking seriously.

2014-05-20 18:36 GMT-05:00 Antony Lesuisse <al@xxxxxxxxxxx>:

> I would like to remove report_webkit from our master branch before
> releasing v8.
> I think we wont maintain it properly and i expect that this will create
> frustrations during the lifetime of v8.
> None of our modules use it at all (none ever did actually). Now that the
> conversion from rml to qweb/wkhtml report is done, i consider that the
> default report system of v8 is superior to report_webkit.
> It has all the advantages like the speed and html/css syntax, but it's
> much more modular and versatile. It supports as many layout as you want,
> images and view inheritance. The codebase is also smaller.
> report_webkit was a source inspiration when we developed the v8 pdf report
> generation. And i would like to thanks its author Nicolas Bessi.
> On github we already have 2 pull requests (PR) about it, i dont want my
> developers to spend time on code that is not used at all by any addons.
> So report_webkit PR's will stay unprocessed and i dont think the module
> deserve that.
> Would oca be motivated enough to take over the module to ensure proper
> maintenance.
> Antony Lesuisse.

I understand the move, but we move 2 years ago all our reports frem
reportlab to webkit (Effort 1) now we need move them from webkit to new
report engine.


Because my customers that buy enterprise needs a good service (as you said
repeatly is the reason of the enterprise). Then, all reports on webkit will
need to be mantained in 2 different places (7.0 and 8.0).

Can you please enlight us if you can build a guide to propose good
practices, and the basic stuff necesary to know to understand the
"migration" part?

At least for partners and so on, or publically available.

The main issue really is that some times you make this kind of migrations
and you put available 85 - 95 % of the oldest features, for some reason you
decide not put the other 15 -5 % inside the new approach and then we need
to expend several hours "guessing" what is available and what is not.

It is so much efficient if this announcement come joint with "And here a
guide to migrate from webkit to new report engine".

You know what I mean?

It is so uncomfortable listen:

And if you need help!, buy us the Enterprise we will migrate at no cost
because we are making this decision 10 days before the release and we know
without any doubt for sure what is good for you and me.

And the time cost for that?, and the data validation for that? and What
does about the inner stuff that a report face?

Ok.... all this email is just an advice, you will continue doing things on
the way you think is right and we will continue making arguments against
every move we think is good or bad.

Remember: We complain about the !"bad" part, but we build a lot of Good
criticizes about the "Good ones" don't evaluate community only for the bad
part because these specific game, is not healthy for anybody.


Saludos Cordiales

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